The role stress plays in obesity

Is there a link between chronic low grade stress and obesity? Many people disregard that chronic low grade stressors can disrupt your hormonal balance. And if you’re gaining weight even if you’re leading a “healthy lifestyle”, stress may be the underlying culprit. 

Here’s a clip of a periscope episode I did and someone asked me to explain what role stress plays in obesity.

Stress response = fight or flight

The hormonal pathways that take a secondary seat:

  • Reproductive hormones
  • Digestive hormones

The stress response is only supposed to last for a short period of time. But in our modern day, is that we’re being chased by the sabertooth tiger over and over again.

As a survival mechanism, the body will increase blood glucose. That will increase the blood insulin levels. Insulin is a “storage hormone”. So you store fat.

You will never lose weight till you take care of the stress response.

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Have you been struggling with weight loss? You find it easy to gain weight and difficult to lose weight? Comment in the section below

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