We’re being plagued in our world with an epidemic of obesity. We need to do something about this (obviously) and I think many are thinking the same thing. Many have tried dieting, fad supplements and workout regimens, but the problem still persists. We’re on information overload! Here’s an interview I did explaining the science of weight loss…

The 4 Pillars of Weight Loss:

1. Re-balance your hormones

2. Re-balance your pH

3. Re-balance your gut

4. Re-balance your lifestyle

Resources (The Studies Referenced in the training):

Irvingia & Obesity

Irvingia & Cissus

Leptin and Irvingia

Leptin & obesity



The Gut Microbiome Influences Whether Or Not You’re Fat

Alkaline Diet and Implications on Health

Impaired insulin binding to isolated adipocytes in experimental dia..

Pure and Immune system

5-HTP & Obesity

Stress & Obesity

Whey Protein Increases immune response


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