Episode 4: All about pH and it’s effects on your body part 1

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In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • What is pH
  • How pH affects your cells
  • How pH affects your physiology
  • Does Ionized Alkaline Water work?
  • 7 tips to balance your pH levels

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Show Notes

[1:44] – The discovery of pH. Measured the concentration of Hydrogen ions [H+]. Logarithmic scale going from 0 to 14.

[4:05] – What effect does pH have upon cellular function? pH has a vast impact upon your health. The extracellular fluid becomes more acidic due to natural metabolism.

[8:40] – How your body generates energy. Food turns into energy.

14:00 – Your cell is like a car. “Banana in the tail pipe” (Beverly Hills Cop)

[16:20] – How does your body balance pH naturally?

18:35pH Effects on body (What’s happening during FOOD to ATP reaction)

[19:00] – pH becomes more acidic as temperature increases

[19:50] – The measurement of blood pH is really more accurately described as arterial pH

[20:20] – The body is always tending more towards acidity.

21:30 – Primary way your body balances out pH: respiration (breath out carbon dioxide, breathes in oxygen)

22:10 – Secondary way your body balances out pH: Alkaline minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) which should come primarily from your diet.

23:30 – Tertiary way your body balances out pH: Alkaline reserves (bones, muscles, teeth) this is the last resort.

[24:30] – What happens when you’ve exhausted all 3 resources:

pH & extracellular immune function (J. leukocyte biol Apr 2001)

pH and Immune system


[28:00] – Patients suffering from chronic health diseases all had one thing in common: metabolic acidosis

29:30 – Insulin binding affected by extracellular pH Diabetes Aug 1985 (Low pH and ketoacids induce insulin receptor binding)

[35:00] – how to keep your pH balanced

[36:18] – The 7 tips to balance out your pH (what I use in clinical practice)

  1. Proper breathing
  2. Proper hydration
  3. Decrease toxin load
  4. Proper diet
  5. Get the lymphatics moving
  6. Balance out body electrics
  7. Alkalizing supplements & proteolytic enzymes


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