For many years the health community has touted soy to be the wonder health food and many vegetarians have turned to it as an alternative source of protein. I remember that I was big into soy milk in college and the beginning of Chiropractic school until I learned some of the facts behind it.

I began to do more research on what soy really does to your body.  One of the sources I ran across was health expert Dr. Mercola.  In this video he nicely sums up the findings behind soy and why you should avoid it.


  • Acceptable forms of soy: natto, miso, tempeh
  • Soy is a “goitrogen” and interferes with normal thyroid function
  • Almost all soy is GMO
  • Soy interferes with the absorption of certain nutrients
  • Do not use infant formulas as most are soy based (Dr. Mercola recommends an “infant formula fortification protocol
  • Soy contains phytoestrogens which will interfere with hormonal balance

All in all I highly recommend staying away from soy and products which contain “soy protein isolates” & “soy lecithin.”  I see a lot of health companies using these ingredients within their products especially within protein shakes.  If you want to do protein shakes look for something that contains “whey protein” or “pea protein” (for those who may be sensitive to whey).

If you have been diagnosed with hormonally related cancers such as breast cancers and ovarian cancers, make it a point to stay away from any soy-based products.

All in all, you can’t really stay completely away from soy-based products but you can decrease your consumption of it and that will definitely make a big difference to your overall health.


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