I’ve been treating a lot more patients with neuro-degenerative diseases such as dementia, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis & Lou Gehrig’s disease.  They all have a common pattern despite displaying various symptoms.  Almost all neuro-degenerative diseases can be traced to common causes.  My research has shown that all these patients have the following in common which causes the manifestation of the disease process:

  1. Latent parastic/viral/bacterial infection
  2. Heavy metal toxicity (Mercury, Aluminum & Lead)
  3. High amounts of inflammation
  4. Pesticide/herbicide/insecticide overexposure
  5. Decrease in cerebrovascular circulation
  6. Nutrient deficiencies

Heavy metals will help the parasites proliferate…plus we’re constantly being exposed to more and more heavy metals (mercury from coal, fish & medications…aluminum in soda cans, cookware & anti-perspirants…lead in the food chain).

With the parasites increasing in number the immune system will go on hyper alert and the initial immune response is inflammation.  All disease processes are due to some type of toxicity, but it all depends upon where the toxins reside.

So you may already be asking, “so what are you doing for these patients?

Neuro Degeneration Protocol

Step 1: identify & remove all offending agents.  The initial portion of the treatment plan will included a comprehensive detoxification to open up the channels of outflow.  We need to focus on decreasing the toxin load on the body.  This includes flushes of the liver, colon, gallbladder & kidney.  During this time I use an alkalizing supplement to buffer the acid residues.  Also a specialized probiotic & liver support is used to help detox the liver & colon and re-establish balance in the colon flora.

Parasitic cleanse – black walnut husk, proteolytic enzymes
Virus – L-lysine
Bacteria – golden seal

Removal of heavy metals using DMSA is essential for heavy metal chelation.  I would highly recommend doing some type of heavy metal toxicity screening.

Rebalance structural integrity to re-establish proper neurological communication.  If the brain can’t tell the tissues & organs what to do or isn’t receiving proper information on what the tissues & organs are doing, proper physiology cannot take place.  This is accomplished through Chiropractic spinal & extra-spinal manipulation.  To aid the adjustment I also use a Low Level Laser.  The laser helps to speed up healing & increase neurological function.

Step 2: Repairing damaged tissue.  Most neuro-degenerative diseases include the breakdown of neurons.  The most common way we see neurons break down is the outer sheath being degraded. Omega-3 fats are very useful in this area. Most of our diets consist of omega-6 consumption, which causes inflammation. Research shows that diets rich in omega-3s help to increase brain capacity even size! I recommend somewhere between 4000 – 9000 mg of omega-3s. Most people turn to fish oil, flax seed oil, hemp oil or even krill oil.

Step 3: Mind-body therapies…Neuro-emotional technique…more on this later. Guided imagery and also EFT works really well.  A lot of research points to the fact that stress can cause massive damage to nerve cells. Excess stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which when being secreted at high amounts for prolonged periods of time will cause degradation to neuronal tissue. Therefore mind-body therapies will help the body to re-establish the proper stress response. I like to use meditation as a daily stress relief. Many people have difficulty meditating, myself included, and can’t seem to quiet their minds. I use an audio program called Holosync for this. It’s pretty simple, you just play the audio program and put your headphones on and voila!

Multiple Sclerosis testimonial:

It’s truly amazing what the human body can do when you give it the proper things that it needs. Now with that said, you do have to realize that even though you do all these things it doesn’t necessarily mean that the body will go through recovery mode. It his highly dependent upon how much damage has been done to the tissues. Sometimes the best results you’ll get is stopping the progression of deterioration. But even that in and of itself can be a win!

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