We are products of our environment. Place yourself in the wrong type of environment and you begin to suffer…ever hear the term “fish out of water?” We often neglect the fact that our homes can be making us sick. I’m not talking about the toxic exposures in our homes but rather how things are arranged in our homes. Yes, sounds strange, but believe me it truly has an impact on your health.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • How specific arrangements of your home is affecting your total body wellness
  • Effective tips to declutter & balance you environment

At age 22 I found myself living in Hong Kong, one of the most busiest & crowded cities in all the world.  Far from home and quite a distance from my family, I knew I was in for a culture shock.  What I didn’t know was I would learn to love the people of China and their, what seemed like, superstitious ways of life. 

A dominate force, not just in the Chinese culture, but many cultures touched by the Chinese way, Feng Shui meaning Wind and Water spans the globe.  Influencing daily rituals of those who believe in its power to control energy around them. Multi-Billion Dollar corporations design majestic skyscrapers and business systems around Feng Shui’s principles. 

You may think, “how can moving my desk or removing this vase have any significance on my life?”  That’s exactly what I used to think, but I was curious enough to find out for myself.  A busy mother of three little children, I don’t always have time to make everything “just right” but what I found and hope to share with you, are 3 simple steps to start you off on your journey to discover.

More often means less

CLUTTER – We all have it.  Some more than others… and some are really good at hiding it!  You know who you are when I speak of clutter.  You have piles here, a stash of junks there… I bet they have almost become invisible because that clutter has been there for so long!  Remember clutter equals stagnant energy.  Not just in our homes and work places, but even within our body and our relationships around us. Let’s begin!

3 Tips to better house alignment

Tip #1: Make a date to PURGE your favorite space by the weekend.  Take your bonus room for example. Maybe its been crammed with all your “stuff.” Take this weekend to go through it and get rid of the stuff you don’t need. You will instantly feel a shift in energy and it will open up new things to come into your life.

Tip #2: Purge Relationships… ask yourself “are those I spend most of my time with uplifting?” Or are they just blackholes where anything good is sucked into outer darkness?  If there are “blackholes” in your circle, move on.  It will create a vacuum for new people or even the opportunity to strengthen relationships.

Tip #3: Purge the toxic energy in your body.  Feeling sluggish or run down?  These are little signs of toxins building up in you.  If you have health goals to lose weight or just get more fit, do it!  Seek out the best out there. Ask a friend, look on your social network at who is having amazing results?  Start eating better, drink more water, eat less processed foods,  and eat more veggies and fruits, and learn about organic choices! Learn to cook! If your usual week day meal comes from a brightly lit store down the street with a playground in front of it, it might be time to step it up!  Remember exercise is a great way to sweat out toxins!  Start with walking and be consistent!

Wrapping Up

The art of feng shui is simply creating order in your life. Your external world is merely a reflection of your internal world. So if you begin to see your external world becoming cluttered, you can rest assured that your internal world is the same. Take action on these action steps and stay tuned as we give lay out your plan to “align” your life!

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Full time mother to 3 children, Masters in Education, Feng Shui Consultant.
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