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Let’s clear up the confusion

Choosing nutritional supplements can be a very confusing task. Who do you believe? Which ones are effective? Which ones are just expensive pee? In this episode, I go over which ones I think are essential on a daily basis and which ones are on an as-needed basis.

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When should you supplement

  • Times of higher stress
  • Traveling
  • Heavier workouts
  • Sluggish/Fatigue
  • Recovering from an illness
  • Poor Diet
  • Exposure to toxins/pollutants

Supplements You Need on a Daily Basis

  • Minerals – Magnesium & Zinc
  • PQQ/Ubiquinol
  • Alkalete
  • Molecular Hydrogen

Go to our ONLINE NUTRITIONAL dispensary and set up an account to purchase the other “Daily” recommended supplements

Supplements You can take on an “as needed” basis

  • Omega-3’s
  • Vitamin D
  • Proteolytic Enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • L-Carnitine
  • Green Drink

Specialty Supplements I recommend

  • Exogenous Ketones
  • Nootropics
  • B Vitamins: Folinic Acid, Methylcobalamin, TMG, DMG
  • Phytonutrients: Resveratrol/Pterostilbene, EGCG, Curcumin, Quercitin
  • Iodide/Iodine
  • Detox Enhancers
  • Anti-Microbials
  • Protein Shakes
  • CBD
  • Essential Oils
  • Homeopathics
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Fiber
  • Joint Support

Episode Transcript

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I have been getting a lot of requests for and this is all about Doc, which nutritional supplements do I need? But first, we're going to have a different approach to this episode I'm going to start giving shout-outs to the people that leave me five-star reviews.

Okay you know you leave me a one-star review. I probably give you a shout out as well. Anyways, this last five-star review comes from the "you economy participants"

She says, I was introduced to the great Dr. Mike. Five years ago. I was amazed by his knowledge and insight into our health and wellness. He was able to break down really difficult ideas into manageable pieces for everyone to understand. Since then, I've been hooked on everything Dr. Mike has going on from this outstanding podcast who is master vitality class? I'm excited to learn all I can from him. Keep up the great work. Dr. Mike Aloha. Well thank you very much the you economy participants man I love getting those
those five-star reviews.

And if you feel compelled to write a five-star review, you can just go ahead and leave us on the app or you can go straight from our website and then when if you listen to us on the website there's a little there's a little button you can press there. Alright, let's get straight into the episode. So this episode is mainly for the person who is concerned about their health and

They're confused about nutritional supplements and navigating that road.

You are probably a frequent listener of the of the podcast or podcasts. in general. You are on social media following all kinds of health gurus, and you are confused. You have tons and tons of information, but just a lack of direction. This podcast is for you. And by the end of it, you'll have an understanding of my thought process on how we use supplementation and a little bit of a roadmap on how to use supplementation effectively. So let's get started on the episode. So before we even dive into talking about supplementation I need to stress to you guys how important your diet is because a lot of people just jumped into supplementation expecting it to solve their problem but

They get right off track. And they wonder why people say that you're just flushing your money down the toilet. And then this is the reason why you need to start with your diet. So what do I recommend? This is what people ask me all the time. What, what diet do I recommend?

I recommend a specific diet. And no, I don't recommend a specific diet. What I do recommend is that you eat seasonally, you eat geographically. So what's locally grown in your area? Is it growing? Currently, what's roaming around in your area is that raised locally

has to be nutrient dense Whole Foods. And if you need an idea, just go to the website and I have a free shopping list that has all the things that you should be stocking your kitchen with. Now another question I get is can you get all the nutrient needs from your diet? And that's a yes you actually can. Now the follow up question to that is well, do most people get all their nutrient needs from their diet and it's no and there's

There's some reasons why you know we most of the food grown is grown in depleted soils.

There's improper farming methods environmental toxins is another big one dealing with genetically modified foods irradiated foods. Just poor diet in general. And as you age, your gut actually loses its ability to extract the nutrients that you're eating from your food. And you probably are only getting about 40 to 50% of the nutrients from the food that you're eating in a healthy gut. So if your gut function is down, you're getting a lower amount of nutrient absorption from that anyway. Now if you guys go back to Episode 61, I talked about how to choose a nutritional supplement what to look for in a supplement the brands that type of supplement you know the the forums and all that stuff. So you can go to Episode 61 and look on and look you can listen to

What I talked about there now let's talk about when you should supplement, right. We just talked about the need for supplementation. And let's talk about when you should supplement. It's another big question again, is, Doc, when do I need to supplement and I don't recommend people, you know, you know, using like a daily thing. You need to understand what your body's going through and your needs. Now, you don't need to know specific things. You don't need to run a lab test just to know your specific needs. I mean, you can, but you don't need to people spend exorbitant amounts of money trying to do that. You can just use general cues. It's like are you going through a high times of stress? If you are you may need some supplementation. Are you traveling, you know, go you know, flying on the airplane and going somewhere else and eating out of the hotels and maybe you had a heavier workload or heavier workouts.

Maybe you're feeling sluggish or fatigued.

Maybe you're going through a recovery from an illness, maybe you got a cold or the flu. Maybe you need you know, you need some supplementation, then maybe you just have a poor diet, you know that you're eating McDonald's or fast food on a regular basis. You need to supplement their you know that you're being exposed to toxins. Maybe you live in an environment where there's high levels of pollution,
maybe Yeah, those are times when supplementation is effective as human beings unlike some other animals on this planet, we actually need to get our nutrients so that we can we can create cellular repair and do all all sorts of metabolic processes in our body. You know, like we need vitamin C you know, we we can't make it ourselves unlike goats. So dietary recommendations have, you know, they've researched they've come up with a list of what they call essential nutrition.

So we have things called essential amino acids. Whenever a nutrient says essential, it means that your body does not make it.

So there's essentially nine essential amino acids. Well, we we were taught this in school called private Tim Hall, that's the abbreviation for fennel, alanine, failing three, earning the fan I saw leucine, Matthias earning his, the dean, leucine and lysine. Oh man putting me back to school have to think about all those. So private Tim Hall is how how we remember it.

essential amino acids are essential to building and maintenance of your cell structure.

You know, protein is essential for hormonal production for your immune globulin. So your immune system every single thing is built upon amino acids. Maintaining your DNA is a bunch of amino acids. We also need essential fatty acid

And there's two major essential fatty acids. One is little lake acid, which is an Omega six fatty acid. And then the omega three fatty acid is alpha little Linux acid ala.

A lot of times, you will get these confused. They call it a little late. I mean, linoleic acid and alpha linoleic acid, I get that confused all the time. Doesn't really matter. You know, as long as you know that you have two essential fatty acids, which is an Omega six and omega three. The omega six, you know, comes from stuff like

vegetable oil, vegetable, vegetable oil, safflower oils,

meat, poultry eggs, those are your arachidonic acid

and then he also got your omega threes which a lot of people are familiar with, you know, you got your fish oils and krill oil algae which contains a lot of EP and dhvc Okay, so you need a balanced by the way of omega threes and

Omega sixes

Previously, we you know, as as a nutritional community, we've always talked about how how much more

omega three fatty acids we need in our diet. And through that message, people actually take a lot and eat a lot of omega threes. And actually, now what we're seeing is that the balance between omega threes and sixes is actually being thrown off. So you got to make sure that you have a balance of omega three and omega six is actually a surprising thing is when you run these a omega three to six ratio test I've actually seen patients, where they're way more on the omega three dominant side so it's all about your body, is all about balance just because you know we hear in the news that omega six fatty acids are pro-inflammatory and that we need to supplement with anti-inflammatory or omega three fatty acids. You got to remember the body is all about balance. So with that said, we also have essential vitamins.

You get your fat cell body fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K you got your water soluble is your but your B complex vitamin C

and then you got your essential minerals you got your mackerels macro minerals you got your micro minerals macro mean I won't I won't go through the whole list of it but do know i mean what I'm trying to say here is that you are your body's in need of all these nutrients and your cells take these nutrients and go through replication they go through detoxification all the different physiological responses within a cell is dependent upon nutrients. Majority of the chronic degenerative diseases that we're seeing is because of a nutrient deficiency. Oh, and there's one more nutrient that's essential to our body that's a water we don't think about that as much but your body utilizes water and it's it's an essential nutrient you need to get that okay Now with that said,

they've done studies on

On the general population if we're getting the correct amount or you know the adequate amount of

vitamins and minerals and macronutrients and micronutrients on a daily basis, and even if even when they came out with d-ri which is the daily recommended intake of these nutrients, which is which which came about by the way to prevent and I said this another podcast to prevent diseases of nutrient deficiencies like scurvy rickets berry berry pull agro

and when they came out with that stuff, it was basically the minimum amount that you needed to stave off these diseases.

Now, when you read labels, that's typically going up with the dry and you you see it and this is vitamin C 100%. And we often think that if we are getting 100% that that's adequate for optimal sailor function, and that's not correct. So now with that said,

Dr is the minimum on and when they've done studies and they showed that almost 80% of the population is not even getting the Dr. I

we see a need for supplementation. Okay. Well first we need to get the diet, right. We need to we need to do that. But do know that majority of the people will never get that happening and even if they do the absorption rate of the foods that you're eating is about 40% efficient. So we need to be doing something more. So do we need

do we need to only rely on supplementation? No, do we need to own rely on diet know it needs a combination of both. So diet, supplementation, and also lifestyle as well. You get those all going correctly and your body will run correctly. All right, body's kind of like a car. So we got to understand the things that it needs and then supply the need for that. All right, I'm going to give you a list of the ones that I record.


this is what I recommend to patients. So I'm going to start with the ones that I think everybody should be taking on a daily basis. Then I'm going to give you another list of things that are dependent upon your current state of health, what you're going through your diet, all of this stuff that I listed before, and then I'm going to give you a list of specialized supplements and then we'll call it a day okay, are the number one thing that I think people should be taken on a daily basis or minerals because

we deplete minerals in our bodies so frequently and the number one mineral that I think people should be supplementing with is magnesium

and a lot of a lot of times we don't think about magnesium we hear about it we don't think why it's important and you know, I see magnesium deficiencies and a lot of you know, constipation you got high blood pressure muscle cramps it's involved in carbohydrate metabolize.

realism DNA RNA repair neurotransmitter regulation which I'm really big on helping to reduce inflammation is one of the most depleted minerals in the body and what makes getting enough magnesium really difficult is that it's such a big molecule that it has a hard time absorbing through the GI tract So what I recommend to my patients is using a topical form of magnesium which I like Ancient Minerals is one of the best forms I like the gel on the oil one is ok but it gets slippery after a while but the Ancient Minerals gel form really good

some good food sources that you can you can definitely or you should be taking part in is pumpkin seeds. Spinach swiss chard and for you chocolate lovers isn't a love hearing this dark chocolate but it has to be above 70% cow. All right, doctor. It's better.

By the way, you know it's not like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey Kisses is these is real dark chocolate where you can actually taste the bitterness of the cow you can also use Epsom salt baths to help absorption of magnesium through the skin now the next mineral that everybody should be supplementing on a daily basis is zinc.

Zinc is just important for your immune system for cellular growth repair and carbohydrate metabolism so you see magnesium and zinc is important for carbohydrate metabolism and that's a very important key in the degenerative process and staving that off is to maintain proper amounts of carbohydrate metabolism. And if you don't have proper carbohydrate metabolism, you end up with chronic fatigue,

diabetes, and then ultimately you got stuff like cancer and dementia, Alzheimer's. All of these things it all stems back to faulty car.

Hydrogen carbohydrate metabolism zinc is also crucial for stomach acid production. And also for fertility.

I like the I like two forms of zinc. One is bizkey resonate, and the other one is arginine. And when I talk about

minerals, there's, um, there's a company called Albion labs. Those are in my opinion and from the research that I've seen and just clinically, they have the best absorption rate and bio availability forms of of minerals just be just the way that they they key like the minerals and kill it is it has to be attached to a specific type of amino acid so that it will actually absorbed through your GI tract easily and be available to us. So Albion labs has the has easy one of the best ones. So some good food sources for zinc, grass fed beef shellfish, cashews, chicken.

peas, lentils, hemp seeds, eggs, and yes, dark chocolate. So yay. For dark chocolate,

I usually recommend staying anywhere between 30 to 45 milligrams on zinc. Anytime you start going over about 50 milligrams, you actually will do you do the exact opposite of what you're trying to do with zinc. So it may cause a little bit of an issue there. All right, the number

the number two thing that I think that everybody should be something that on a daily basis is p q. q, and you pick one also, a lot of people are more familiar with CO q 10 but the the better forms is you pick one all which is the higher bioavailable form of CO q 10 and pq Q. It's a long weird word to say parole crinoline.

No. Okay, pq, basically pq, what it does is it promotes the generation of new back bacteria mitochondria back there, but it produce, it promotes generation of new mitochondria. So you increase the amount of CO q 10 and you also increase the amount of mitochondria. Why is that important? Well, you got more energy producing factories. So you see how magnesium and zinc help with carbohydrate metabolism and then having more mitochondria available. And co q 10 is an electron transport or within the the electron transport chain. So you're going to help to increase energy production through that

the there's a form or I should say a a blend. That's the word I'm looking for. That actually will increase the effectiveness of it. I don't know how

pronounce the name of this herb. I'm probably butchering it. But it's called Sheila. And there's a blend that contains dot. And what it does is it actually helps to double the levels of CO q 10 in the mitochondria itself. So you're with you big one, all pq, and she legit and you'll have an increase in the amount of cookie 10 available. It will double that and you'll also increase the number of mitochondria basically this equals two more efficient energy production so very very important because on the daily basis were assaulting the mitochondria and we're ending up with all kinds of issues now if you are on a static lower Staten any type of cholesterol lowering medication you need to be on this because what this does is what stands do is they blocked the production of Kochi 10 and that's a very important

important part of the electron transport chain that's why a lot of side effects of surrounding Stanton's is muscle pains and your heart is a muscle

and if you don't produce enough energy in the muscles, they stop working effectively. Okay? So if you aren't a Staten one, you shouldn't be on it. Talk to your doctor and tell them do some research.

But if you are, you need to be on pq, and you pick one all Alright, the next supplement that I think everybody should be on on a daily basis is called alkaline. alkaline is something that I use with every single patient because what this does is it rebalancing your body's pH levels just through the natural cellular processes. We are kicking out so many organic acids that it's throwing off the cellular pH balance and what alcohol does is it helps curb that response takes away and mocks up all this acidic waste and basically what we call buffering it buffers auto

All acidic ways so that we don't get into a state of metabolic acid doses which I mean just throws off oxygen delivery throws off nutrient absorption and delivery throws off the electrical capacity

all kinds of things that basically just slows down how the cell functions so if you're not able to get nutrients in not able to get waste out the cells start you know degenerating at a more rapid

rate so actually everybody should be taking that on a daily basis to help wipe out all the acidic waste that we're being that we're producing Another one is molecular hydrogen and this is this in my opinion is the the the counterpart to too alkaline on, you know, curbing the acidic load in your body. you're producing a lot of free radicals, okay, and the major free radical that we're trying to curb is a hydroxyl.

Now this is the one free radical that does so much damage in our

body creates huge amounts of oxidative stress within the mitochondria. So as you start driving your mitochondria, you produce more mitochondria. By taking pq, you're actually going to be producing more hydroxyl free radicals. And this in and of itself will speed up the degenerative process. So if you're increasing carbohydrate metabolism, by taking more magnesium and zinc, you're increasing the more mitochondria and its function, by taking PDQ you pick one on shoe widget,

you need to be curbing that free radical response by taking stuff like molecular hydrogen and in the benefit of molecular hydrogen is such a small molecule that it absorbs straight through the cell membrane and actually goes through the nuclear membrane as well and then protects the DNA from any type of free radical damage. The other thing too, it's selective molecules so that it only attaches to the hydroxyl free radical and neutralize it and the byproduct is water

other times

of antioxidants that were were commonly, you know, known that we know about like vitamin C, Vitamin A, those are nonspecific meaning that it goes in there. And it's an electron donor, and it just donating electrons. And it neutralizes all free radicals. Now, there's some free radicals that we actually need, like nitric oxide for vessel dilation, and all kinds of other things that, you know, that we don't know yet in the body. But nitric oxide is useful, free radical. We also use free radicals when we need to deal with infections. That's how our immune system gets rid of pathogens, uses free radicals so we don't want to Nestle neutralize all free radicals, just the harmful ones like the hydroxyl, and that's why molecular hydrogen and there's been so many studies that have been done on molecular hydrogen, and I'll list some of those that you guys can take a look at. And they've also shown clinically

that molecular hydrogen is so effective at a lot

of inflammatory issues like in the brain, diabetes, cancer, all those types of things is very, very effective. And you can do do your do your due diligence on the research on that.

So that's my list for the things that I think everybody should be supplementing on daily basis. So minerals like magnesium and zinc pq, you'll pick one or she legit, alkaline and molecular hydrogen. That's my what I call my four horsemen. Now these next supplements is on an as needed basis, you got to kind of know what you're going through and if you would need it because of your certain situation. So the first one is omega threes from fish oils, you know, and not a real big fan on fish oil just because of the rent city, you know, levels and also you don't know specifically if there's any contaminants, you know, you get concerned about heavy metals and so there's different processes on how they make it and then there's also a

You know, there's also argument between the ethyl Ester form and the triglyceride form and what absorbs better and all that kind of stuff. You know, I mean, for me, if, if you're eating adequate amounts of seafood, you You're, you're doing with omega threes. But if you need more, you know,

find a reputable form of omega three fatty acids from fish oils or there's, you know, there's plant based, you know, like flax seed oils and whatnot. But

I like

Nordic naturals is a really good one that I have good success with. And there's some other companies that I've used in the past but Nordic naturals, usually usually fairly clean but you know, get it from fish. So the next one is vitamin D. This is a this is dependent upon your exposure to sunlight and how much you know where you live. And you know how, how well you're able to get out in the sun and if you are able to get out in the sun. So vitamin D, you know

In the form of colon cancer for all which is which is vitamin d3, one of the active form anywhere between 5000 to 7000 I use now don't go overboard especially with vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E and K just because the fat soluble vitamins you can end up with a toxicity. So ease off of that and

and know when to supplement if you've got lower levels of sunshine then you're going to be using you live in northern latitudes, you need some more vitamin D.

Next one is probiotic enzymes. So produce enzymes I use it for two things. One is for digestion obviously and the second one is for inflammation so if you have chronic inflammation you can take probiotics enzymes on an empty stomach and it will help curb the inflammatory response. So if you're going through maybe you got a I don't know something like you got an injury.

Right, maybe you tore your shoulder, rotator cuff or something like that you got a hot disk and your low back. probiotic enzymes will help a lot and it will actually fix the problem. Rather than just covering it up with like pains, pain, pain management, pain meds, and all that stuff. The next one that I think everybody should be using on an as needed basis is probiotics. Now there's billions of different probiotics on the market. Firstly, I want you to get it from like fermented foods, I'd be preferable sources, but if you need probiotics, you know go in and look for multi strain. First of all. There are some smaller base that I use as well like, but it was quite Guillen's

Canadian bc 30 is another one that I use.

Next one is our current team. This is just something that helps with the shuttling of fatty acids into the cell into the mitochondria so that you can you can utilize fat more effectively and burn

It for cleaner energy. And then a lot of people ask me about multivitamin multi minerals and not a real big fan of multivitamin multi mineral oils on an on an, you know, continual basis on an as needed basis. You know, like every once in a blue moon, like you're coming out of a sickness or something like that, or you die. It's poor. Yeah, multi will help short term long term not a not a real big fan of it. If you're looking for a multi that you want to use on a more consistent basis. I recommend looking for green drinks, making your own green drink or there's different green drinks on the market look for one that you like. And most of them are actually pretty decent, but that's my that's my preferred form of if you trying to do a multi vitamin. Now this next list is what I call my specialized supplements.

You don't necessarily need this. All it does is it pretty much enhances cellular function. Sometimes what it does is it

Just replaces some of the things and makes makes things more efficient. So these are these are my list of specialized supplements. They also can be used to help in a treatment process as well. So whenever I use supplementation, I look at it from, you know, a multi tiered level There's your base, just satisfying your nutrient needs, then there's, you know, utilizing it on to enhance function. And then there's what we call a nutraceutical to get a pharmaceutical response from from, you know, an intervention like that. So, basically just using it using nutrition in the in the form of a higher dosage or type or form to get a pharmacological response out of the body. So the the one thing that that I feel is at the top of my list for specialized supplement is exhaustion is ketones. You there's a lot of companies out there that are

are talking about this, a lot of gurus out there that are talking about this. And there's basically two forms. Basically, if you don't know what ketones are, this is basically what your body turns to. When your, your sugar reserves your carbohydrate reserves are all used up. And this is another form of fuel that your brain cells will use your muscle cells will use is basically what happens you know, you your body turns towards fat breaks it down and uses it as ketone bodies. And that can interject into the the, what you call the citric acid cycle, the Krebs cycle and make ATP okay so there's two forms. One is MTT oil, which a lot of people are familiar with. There's companies on the market that make MC t oils in the form of either powders or straight up oils.

One of the big, you know, everybody kind of knows about in the health scene is like bulletproof coffee by Dave Asprey.

And he uses he uses what's called Brain Octane does a specific form of MTT was is a concentrated form on the different types of different amount of carbon chains is really effective you know the shown to increase ketones body production in deliver you know when you take it but the drawbacks of most MTT oils is creating intestinal distress

I use bhp salts or beta hydroxyl beauty rate ketones and my whole purpose on it is for brain function which leads me into the next part which is new tropics This is an emerging thing on the market be bought maybe more familiar with it

by from the movie limitless, you know, taking the I forget what the name of that pill was that he was taking, but he took the pill on basically you could became a superhuman thinker and that's the whole purpose of new tropics. Now there are


there pharmaceutical types of new tropics and there's natural forms of new topics. Obviously the pharmaceutical approach gives you a faster and crazier response,

like you have the rasa Tam family,

modafinil, you know is another one

I've tried a bunch of them. And, you know, you get a lot of focus and concentration.

But I use I use different forms of neutral books now more natural forums, some of them like r l theanine, which is common in like green tea of force colon and the artichoke combo which is common in or made in a blend called silt up so that's another one force colon and artichoke even if I'm saying that word correctly, but cope was another one alpha GPC there are some coffees that actually contain alpha GPC. Caffeine is actually a neutral pick helps helps you to focus better rodeo La La

Main those are all different types of neutral pick. One of the ones that I've been dabbling into the last couple months is qualia quickly a mind specifically. And that just is a blend of these different new topics that actually increases your brain's ability to focus. So if you are in need of focusing mentally, your new tropics is actually pretty good as far as it being a nutrient that your body needs. Not really but you know, as far as optimal performance in mental function, yeah new topics really do work another another one is be complexes

becomes very, very popular and, you know, people taking be 12 shots and all that kind of stuff. There's, there's actually four that I want to mention within the B complex one is for clinic acid folic acid is actually the active form of full eight and it's naturally found in nature.

Nothing The next one is metrical Bala mean which is the active form of vitamin B 12 now these are all important for methylation

and the next two are trying methyl and die methyl glycine or TMT or dmg. Again, all part of methylation factors which helps protect your DNA and a whole bunch of other other things you guys can look up

the next specialized supplement would be like Fido, nutrients, stuff like resveratrol, and when they talked about drinking wine and protecting your health will resveratrol is one of the things you know found in that I like another form called Terrell still being

and then there's every I don't know if you guys remember the commercial that I think it was like the nasty commercial artist, I forget which one it was, but it was the guy that was climbing the Himalayan mountains and he reaches the monk as meditating and he's like what's your secret for you know longevity or life and he said, Eg CG

but that's that's the

compound you know containing in green tea eg CG which is epi Gallo Khattak can galette so easy to say ECG that's found in green teas. So green tea, in and of itself, is a great form of vital nutrients. Then you got stuff like her acumen and course 10 which

are really great for anti inflammatory stuff, helping with allergies.

All right, then we got stuff like iodine iodine, which Yeah, you know, in clinical research, I've seen so many people just deficient in iodine iodine, which really affects thyroid function,

because a lot of people are just not getting

enough seafood into the diet. So get enough seafood into your diet and you'll be fine there. You got stuff like detox enhancers. You know, you got like all kinds of things

zeal light you can take

Stuff like that has cilantro in it these key leaders there's all kinds of things that enhance detoxification but it's not necessarily a nutrient that you need all the time so as needed right you got antimicrobials you know the SF 722 on the Slotnick acid

there's tons of protein shakes on the market, you know, look for look for stuff that has whey protein in it. You know, there's a whole debate between whey protein isolates and whey protein concentrate. And, you know, if you're just looking for straight protein in and of itself, whey protein isolates will give you way more packed protein. If you just looking for protein. If you're looking for a more systemic overall protein supplement, whey protein concentrate will supply you with the raw anti natured whey protein. So it depends upon what your goal is. So if you're trying to bodybuilder whey protein isolates will be your best bet if you're trying to look at overall body phone

Whey Protein concentrates is your best bet there then you got stuff that like that stuff that's emerging on the market now is gaining way more popularity like CBD hemp oils

you're seeing a lot more popularity on CBD is helping out with stuff like anxiety more research is being done and seeing how the effects of CBD oil on cancers so this is another emerging market in in my opinion

the next big player in the industry that you'll be seeing a lot especially as states start to legalize marijuana more for medical marijuana there's a stigma that goes along with CBD oil of it being you know, having that negative stigma of being attached to marijuana. But you know, if you guys start looking at the research and start seeing the effectiveness of this stuff, and you know, I've seen amazing things happen with patients utilizing CBD oil, some of them have CBD THC.

villains in it and when used properly and use them to read settings, you can get amazing results. Now obviously you got people that can abuse THC, you know, marijuana abuse, but

overall you can you can abuse anything you know you look at the opioid and opioid epidemic going on right now. And all the people hooked on all of those types of pharmaceutical drugs. So utilizing it properly and understanding why it's effective is is really the big the big thing behind all of it. Now, another big one that's popular with a lot of women is essential oils. You know, my wife used essential oils, actually, my grandmother use the essential oils on me from when I was a baby. And essential oils have been used all throughout mankind, frankincense, oil, mer, all that stuff was brought to Jesus when he was born and it's all written in the Bible and Middle East Egypt. They've used essential oils all the time and this time

works. I mean, don't get me wrong, this stuff works really well. There's battles between companies, I don't get into the battles and in company types, I mean, I just look at effectiveness. And

you know, people try to poo poo essential oils. But stuff works. So that's, you know what I consider specialized supplementation. And there's stuff like homeopathic little word in a homeopathic homeopathic work and the way that the body views it is like a drug you know, and like a drug is not supposed to be used for a lifetime. You know, use it for short term to get you over the hump while you use the things that the body's division in so there are homeopathic on the market I don't give people homeopathic long term so if you're using a homeopathic make sure that you're only using it short term because you don't want to be getting a pharmaceutical response for the rest of your life.

Same thing with herbal remedies Earth

herbs are viewed as in your body as a pharmaceutical. So it's some something that you're not going to be taking for a long period of time just as needed really great, you know, for as a pharmaceutical substitute.

And then, you know, my last two is something that we don't think about, and we don't get too much of his fiber and stuff to support our joints and skeletal structure, right? So a lot of people take glucosamine chondroitin, but they don't think about stuff or principally like silica,

and looking at the the response of the body. So it has a very, very important thing for hair, nails, joints, skin

and fiber. We just don't get enough of you know, we're so mean. You look at tribal tribal communities are getting anywhere upwards 90 to 135 grams of fiber day and the average American gets less than 20. So fiber supplementation is

Another really good thing to be adding to your daily regimen if you're not getting it from your foods and something that if Oh, let me let me step back. If you do have intestinal issues, I don't recommend starting off with a high fiber supplement. Okay? So you got to be utilizing things when you need it. All right, let's start wrapping it up. Remember, okay, we went over it starts all with diet, you got to make sure that you're getting the right diet, eat locally, eat seasonally stuff that is Whole Foods, nutrient dense, that's what you want to be eating, then you got to look at your lifestyle. If your lifestyle is a need for supplementation, then you know you're gonna start with that, you know, your supplementation of of what you need, you know, I think that everybody should be on magnesium, zinc, you know, having some type of pH balancer molecular hydrogen and then as needed you to look at the other stuff like vitamin D and omega is and all that kind of stuff. You guys can go back and

Listen to that. But if you need supplementation you need it. I don't recommend relying on it. You need to start with diet and lifestyle first. And then supplementation last. Alright we are wrapping it up. Now if you need the show notes, you can get the show notes to this. It'll all be at TRIPLE PLAY forward slash Episode 64. So that's TRIPLE PLAY forward slash Episode 64. If you guys know of anyone that could benefit from my webinar you just got to head over to ww TRIPLE PLAY performance co forward slash webinar and you'll be able to watch what I consider the three biggest mistakes people make with their health. It's about a 40 minute overview of the things that I see people making the biggest mistakes and then what you need to be doing and if you want to move forward after that.

You want to work with me as a consulting client, you guys can fill out a form, apply for it, and then we'll sit down on a zoom call for 20 minutes, we'll do a consultation. I'll present to you what I think would be the best route for you to take. And then we can move from there. If you enjoyed this podcast, leave us a five star review. connect with me on the grand triple play.

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