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Having a plan and keeping track of your progress are a few keys to attaining your health goals. MyFitnessPal has made this super easy for you. Listen to this episode as we talk to the Elle Penner, spokesperson for MyFitnessPal, on what this FREE app can do for you!

Show Notes

1:00 – Introduction to Elle Penner

2:42 – What is MyFitnessPal?

[4:00] – Food Database

[6:00] – Why should someone use MFP?

[8:50] – Other uses for MFP besides tracking for weight loss

[9:55] – Link MFP with your “activity tracker” (i.e. Fitbit, Garmin, etc)

[12:36] – Who is this app best for?

[15:30] – How important is being part of a “community” for health? MFP community

[16:53] – 3 Tips on how to get the best experience out of using the app

[20:00] – UA & MFP partnership

[21:10] – Closing remarks

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