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Welcome back to season 3 of the WhaddupDoc University podcast! In this episode we have a guest speaker Ty Bollinger discussing “The Truth About Cancer”. Lots of great information shared in this episode:

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Show Notes:

The best supplements Ty Recommends that will help boost your immune system

What you should be doing to prevent issues from occurring

What the #1 thing that surprised him by interviewing some of the worlds experts on cancer therapy

A great daily regimen for total body health

Links mentioned in this show:

Oct 14-16 Dallas Cancer Symposium


Dr. Mike’s thoughts:

I encounter a lot of patients suffering from cancer, in fact, as of this writing my grandfather recently passed away due to cancer. This is a subject that touches my heart dearly. What I started noticing though is that the common treatment methods aren’t working effectively. I hope that some of the things we discussed in this episode has shed some light into another avenue for you or a loved one.