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In today’s episode we learn from Trevor Coleman, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, of Muse biofeedback therapy a “brain sensing headband.” Listen in on what he has to say about this amazing technology.

Show Notes

[1:00] – Trevor Coleman (Co-founder & Chief Product Officer) introduction

[1:50] – How Muse got started

[2:30] – Hot tub jets controlled with your mind

[3:25] – What is Muse? R&D for 3 years, finally went to market in July of 2014

[4:15] – What is EEG biofeedback therapy? How do you use Muse

[7:30] – How long does it take to see noticeable benefits?

[8:50] – Is this like Minority Report? How muse can improve your workflow and production.

[11:25] – What else can Muse help…obesity epidemic help?

[13:30] – ADHD/Anxiety help?

[15:40] – Biofeedback as an alternative to pharmaceutical intervention?

[16:20] – How easy is it to use for the average, non-techy person?

[18:40] – Scatter Brain!

[19:18] – The vision & goal of Interaxon

[21:18] – Closing remarks from Trevor (reach out to them)

[22:42] – Closing remarks from Dr. Mike

[23:11] – Get your Muse headbands below!

[24:00] – Next week’s episode preview: Balancing your body’s pH levels


Get your muse biofeedback therapy here



Next Episode:

We’re going to dive into the world of pH! This will be a 2 part podcast talking about pH and how it affects your body.