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Today’s guest is Christie Miller of Eat Train Win.  She is a health coach that focuses on helping people to lose weight by eating healthy, training daily and winning happiness. Listen in as we discuss the New Year’s resolutions and how to make advancements in your health. 

Show Notes:

  • Don’t start your diet on a Monday
  • In order to stick to New Year’s resolutions is to not make them at all.
  • Dig down deep and find your WHY on why you want to make this change at all.
  • The 5 “Why’s”…keep asking yourself Why after you think you found your why for the change…till you have something that is very emotional.
  • When you know your why, you’ll figure out the how
  • Food can be either nourishment or punishment
  • Using the Wheel of Life to see how you stack up
  • Create a PLAN, don’t go forward blindly. Be honest with yourself.
  • There is no goal date

Christie is offering a FREE 30 min, no strings attached coaching session.  Just email Christie and mention that you heard about her through the WhaddupDoc University Podcast.