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Pregnancy is such an important and sometimes confusing topic for most of us. I know most women would love to by-pass the whole “morning sickness” thing. And most parents want their baby to be as healthy as possible. In this podcast episode, we discuss all the aspects of hormones and it’s effects upon a pregnancy.

What happens when you enter pregnancy stressed out?

Breaking down the trimesters of pregnancy

Trimester 1: the body will prioritize survival over thriving. So the hormones for digestion & reproduction are shunted to helping the body combat stress. This results in morning sickness, nausea, digestive disturbances, emotional swings, cravings.

Trimester 2: the placenta begins to produce its own progesterone. But mom will take that progesterone and will make cortisol, instead of using it for a healthy pregnancy.

Trimester 3: the developing baby begins to produce his/her own hormones and mom begins to steal those hormones. The baby’s adrenal glands begin to enlarge to keep up with supplying Mom’s needs! Mom begins to feel great, but the baby is becoming depleted of it’s hormones.

Post-Partum: Now when the baby is born, it comes out hyperstimulated and form sensitivities. Digestive disturbances begin for the baby (i.e. colic). Mom now loses her hormonal supply and falls into post-partum depression. Then the surge of estrogen for lactation will outcompete thyroxine and mom will slip into a relative state of hypothyroidism making it hard to lose the baby weight.

So what should mom & dad do before pregnancy?

  • Get hormones tested and get it back into balance
  • Detoxify your body…begin with balancing your pH levels
  • Decrease stress
  • Eat RIGHT!
  • Work with a holistic/wellness physician to guide you through the course of your pregnancy

This also applies to moms during pregnancy and post pregnancy…