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Here’s the second part to the podcast on how toxins in your body make you sick.

Show Notes

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in our homes everywhere
  • EPA had to drill over a mile down into the ice core in order to find ice that was not toxin laden
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia
  • Increase in migraine headaches
  • Toxins affect cravings
  • Read labels to become conscious about what you’re putting in your body and what you surround yourself with
  • Dr. Sherry Rogers – need to boost glutathione in your body, any foods that contain sulfur (onion, garlic).
  • Nutrition for Detoxification: Vitamin A,C,E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, N-acetylcysteine is a great supplement to take. L-carnitine helps to increase mitochondrial function.
  • Water filtration system to clean out your water – pharmaceuticals in your water
  • Flouride free toothpaste (flouride is a halogen)
  • Shampoos, Lotions – need to be “paraben” free
  • Average American is exposed to about 4000 different chemicals just in the morning before they even leave the house
  • Organic Green Drink – use everyday
  • Low heat cooking
  • Organic as much as possible
  • Never go “cold turkey” when detoxification. Slow tapering on your detoxification.
  • Specific colors can stimulate digestion, that’s why fast food chains typically choose the same color scheme (red, orange, yellow).
  • Brain fitness program & neuroplasticity

Next Episode – Muse “Hacking your Brain”

Next week we bring you Muse, a company that has developed a headband that can monitor your brainwave activity. By “seeing” your brainwave activity you’ll be able to then consciously control your brain activity. Ever notice yourself being “distracted” from a task at hand, or reading a couple pages of a book and then not being able to remember what you just read? Well you’ll love Muse and what it has to offer. Stay tuned!

Dr. Mike Okouchi
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