Episode 19: SB277 with Dr. Tyson Perez Part 2

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This episode is part 2 of the conversation we’re having with Dr. Tyson Perez on the topic of SB277.

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Show Notes

  • Are pediatricians to blame for pushing vaccines?
  • Now that SB277 has passed, what’s going to happen in California?
  • What should people who oppose SB277 do?
  • Referendum
  • Options for homeschooling
  • Other loopholes for exemption
  • Tips for parents who want to vaccinate their child
  • 23andme.com
  • Vaccines & eradicating diseases
  • Book: Dissolving Illusions
  • Google topic: Cutter Incident
  • Dr. Tyson’s recommendation for health
  • Dutch Hunger Winter & 9/11 effects on pregnancy
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