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In this episode we talk about the history of Chiropractic, the principles it was founded upon and what is it really that Chiropractors do. We often thing of Chiropractors as neck & low pain doctors, which we are absolutely great at, but the spinal adjustment does much more than remove pain…

Show Notes:

  • 1800s – Health scams
  • No standardized medical education curriculum
  • Louis Pasteur
  • Antoine Bechamp
  • 1847 AMA formed
  • 1849 AMA organizes a board to debunk “quack” remedies
  • 1901 JD Rockefeller started the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
  • 1906 A list of unacceptable medical schools were compiled
  • 1910 Flexner Report published (funded by the Carnegie foundation) coordinated by Abraham Flexner
  • 1895 (September 18) DD Palmer delivers the first Chiropractic adjustment to Harvey Lillard
  • Subluxation is the cause of all disease. The subluxation is caused by 3 things: trauma, poisons & autosuggestion
  • Universal Intelligence & Innate Intelligence
  • 1963 AMA creates “Committee on Quackery”
  • 1966 AMA calls Chiropractic “unscientific cult”
  • 1976 Chester Wilk sues AMA, September 1987 “Wilks” case won against the AMA for Antitrust lawsuit
  • What is it that Chiropractors actually do…
  • Winsor Autopsies – curvatures of the spine adversely affects the sympathetic nervous system, abnormal spinal curvatures precede organic visceral diseases, postural distortions causing sympathetic dysfunction can be treated with fulcrum-assisted reversal (adjustment) of the postural distortion.
  • Chiropractic & 1918 flu