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Here’s an interview that I was featured on another podcast. Here I talk about how environmental toxins affect our health. 

Show Notes

  • My story on how I got involved in functional medicine
  • A brief history of Chiropractic
  • *The site she mentions is my old website (new clinic site is
  • Bioaccumulation of toxins – “slow poisoning”
  • 1998 1.2 billion lbs of toxins were dumped into our environment
  • Plastics leeching chemicals like BPA
  • Our current healthcare system is designed for emergent care, not chronic degenerative diseases
  • Pesticides account for about 70% of the endocrine damage in our society, causes massive changes in our hormonal balance
  • Pesticides mimic your hormones, thereby creating abnormal physiology
  • Pesticides cause a large imbalance in estrogen/progesterone

Stay tuned for part 2…how the environmental toxins affect your health