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Intro to Rowena Gates [3:29]

Founder of NanoVi’s backstory [5:22]

What does a NanoVi do? [6:45]

My first thoughts on NanoVi and how does it work with the body? [8:18]

Studies on NanoVi [10:40]

Professional Athletes [12:45]

How I felt after using it for the first time [13:20]

What’s happening at the cellular level in terms of oxidants [14:37]

How long to use [16:16]

Who shouldn’t use it? [17:12]

When should people use the NanoVi [18:54]

How to best use it? [20:29]

My daughter’s story about her fingernail coming off and how NanoVi supports the body’s inherent healing process [22:06]

What’s coming next for NanoVi? [24:40]

Any contraindications for usage? [25:56]

Can anyone buy a machine? [28:18]

Closing remarks [29:48]

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