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Obsessed with weight

Weight loss is a full-time obsession for the world. Millions, if not billions, of dollars, are spent annually on weight loss programs. I see too many people who are only concerned about their physical appearance rather than their biochemical function.

I’ve witnessed so many patients undergo weight loss programs and feel a sense of accomplishment yet false-security of their newfound physique. Here’s a recording of a talk I did where I discuss the idea around “skinny doesn’t necessarily equal to healthy”.

The key is to view health from the state of the cell. What does that mean? Well, if the cell is functioning well, then the body is functioning well. That begs the question “well what does the cell need to function well?”

Here’s the basic foundation that I instruct all my patients:

  1. Proper Exposure to the right “fields”
    • We always start with the electromagnetic field of the brain – where our dominant thoughts occur
    • Then we look to the electromagnetic field of the heart – where our dominant emotions are expressed
    • Then we look at how much exposure to the right type of lights, especially sun (as we need lots of it) and minimizing artificial lights (especially at night)
    • And finally, we address exposures to the non-native types of EMFs like WiFi, Bluetooth, Cell tower 4G/5G, etc.
  2. Adequate nutrients
    • Corrective diets – Elimination diet
    • Lifelong sustaining diets – Weston A Price/Human Diet “Deep Nutrition”
    • Help the mitochondria to function properly
  3. Adequate hydration
    • Spring
    • Reverse Osmosis Filtered & Purified
    • Filtered
  4. Proper stimulus
    • Hormetic stressors
  5. Effective removal of toxins & infections
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