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Take a ride through the detox express in this episode of our podcast. Let’s learn about the importance of detoxification. Here’s what we’re going over in this podcast episode:

The definition of detoxification. Differentiation between “frank poisoning” and “bioaccumulation”

Toxins have to be excreted, metabolized or stored. The majority of the toxins we’re exposed to are being stored in our fatty tissues. We are exposed to two types of toxins – endogenous (the ones our bodies naturally make as a by-product of metabolism) and exogenous (the toxins we take in from our environment).

Since WWII, we saw a drastic increase in man-made chemicals to the tune of 80,000. These chemicals are causing serious detrimental effects upon our bodies.

Banned Dirty Dozen List

  1. Dioxin
  2. PCBs
  3. Aldrin
  4. Chlordane
  5. Dieldrin
  6. Endrin
  7. Heptachlor
  8. HCB
  9. Mirex
  10. Toxaphene
  11. Furans
  12. DDT* (these are still being used to control the spread of malaria)

Various Sources of Toxins

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Geopathic stressors
  • EMFs

Signs & Symptoms you need to detoxify

  • Sinusitis/post-nasal drip
  • Metallic taste in mouth
  • Recurring upper respiratory infections
  • Burning skin
  • Abdominal complaints
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Joint Pains
  • Mood Swings/Emotional Imbalance
  • Brain fog
  • Sudden urges to urinate
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Heart issues
  • High blood pressure

How your body detoxifies

Phase 1: bagging up all the trash

Phase 2: taking the bags of trash out into the trash receptacles

Phase 3: the trash man takes it away to the landfills

Routes of detoxification

  1. Liver/Gallbladder/Colon – Feces
  2. Kidney/Bladder – Urine
  3. Lungs – Breathing

Secondary route – skin