I keep seeing “research” studies being published and then shouted out to the public stating that supplementation have no effect on {name of disease here}.  On the surface it looks very black & white and I think that the general public takes this information as health doctrine.  So if we’re seeing all these published studies stating that supplements don’t help with reversing disease, are they useless?Let’s first take a look at the average research study and break it down:

  • Looking at the effect of a specific effect of a supplement on a disease (i.e. “Does vitamin E help prevent heart attacks?”)
  • Use of the supplement to see if it affects the disease process
  • Report the results

There are some fundamental physiological laws they’re breaking here:

  • Most vitamins/minerals work in conjunction with other vitamins and minerals
  • Supplements support proper physiological function and help dysfunction, but the disease process goes beyond dysfunction.  (the machinery is actually broken during the disease process.  It’s like trying to use a can opener that’s missing a part, versus a can opener that just needs a little more oil to help the gears turn better).
  • We don’t really know the source and form of the supplements they’re using in the study such as dissolution & bioavailability.  I’d like to assume that they’re using some good form…hopefully.



Here’s the low down…

Supplements need to be used as a secondary approach to proper DIET & LIFESTYLE.  Your body needs a good array of MACRONUTRIENTS (fats/proteins/carbohydrates) along with MICRONUTRIENTS (vitamins/minerals/enzymes) and water, air, movement and sunshine.  So supplements are useless when you think it’s the magic bullet, but it’s not useless when used in conjunction with a proper lifestyle fit for your body.

Here are the things you MUST do to maintain a healthy body or regain a healthy body

  1. Eat good fats (omega-3’s like cold water fish or flax seed)
  2. Eat lean proteins (don’t overcook your proteins!)
  3. Eat complex carbohydrates
  4. Take a digestive enzyme supplement to aid in the breakdown of your foods (since most of us are not eating raw foods or our digestive tracks have a difficult time breaking down the foods we eat).
  5. Take a probiotic to help maintain a proper gut flora balance
  6. Maintain proper pH balance systemically.
  7. Find a good multi-vitamin/multi-mineral to fill in the holes of your diet (everyone lacks proper nutrient levels, even if you’re eating “well” or “clean”)
  8. Drink 1 Liter of clean water for every 50 lbs of body weight to increase and maintain proper hydration
  9. Get your body moving, this includes stretching and most importantly getting adjusted by a competent Chiropractor.
  10. Air & Sunshine.  Practice proper breathing (Hara breathing) and get some sun for Vitamin D.  If you live in an area that doesn’t have enough sunlight, make sure you’re taking a Vitamin D supplement.
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